Jersey Shore Apparel

Atlantic Highlands, NJ,

This embroidery shop was destroyed by the ferocious winds and surge of hurricane Sandy. Ted Hendrickson, the owner, explained: “Sandy busted down the doors and flooded the entire shop. Nothing was able to be salvaged.”

Fundraising goal: $50,000


Ted Hendrickson runs a screen printing business in Atlantic Heights, NJ, a place he has called home for as long as he can remember. The business was launched by Ted’s father for over 30 years, until 18 years ago when it was taken over by a local buyer (although still operated by son, Ted and his friend, Derek). It’s an institution for this family and a reminder for this community that some things never age in this small Jersey shore town. A family friend says, “"Ted and Derek put their heart and soul into the business, working long hours regardless of the fact that it wasn't the family business anymore. They took pride in their work as if it were their own.”

As Sandy pummeled the New Jersey coast, Atlantic Highlands was in the crosshairs and the shop was destroyed by the ferocious winds and surge. "Sandy busted down the doors and flooded the entire shop. Nothing was able to be salvaged," said Ted.

What came next, however, would be the toughest challenge Ted and Derek faced. Owners of the store have decided not to rebuild it and are instead walking away from the property. Since Ted and Derek don't own the store, they have been left with absolutely nothing in compensation, and with no say in the future of the business. Undaunted, Ted and Derek have chosen to rebuild the store and are determined to bring back the business better and stronger than ever before. Their entrepreneurial resilience is an inspiration to us all and we want to do everything we can to support Ted, Derek and their respective families.

Ted has four children under 10, and Derek has a four year old daughter. The embroidery place is an institution for these two families and if folks around Ted and Derek can see the resiliency and inspiration that these guys are leading with, then surely we can too.

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